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We will create your very own professional ecommerce website that is preloaded with all our products and categories.

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How Does Our Drop Ship Program Work?
A. For a complete explanation on how our drop ship program works, click here

How Does Your Pricing Work?
A. Please note, the prices you see on our website are Retail Prices. In order for you to view your Discounted Drop Ship prices, your account needs final approval. Your next step is to look over our Terms and Conditions. Here is a link to our Terms page . Once we receive the form that you accept our terms, your account will be approved and your discounted pricing will be shown.

How Do I Pay For Products - Funding your account
A. We accept Purchase Orders, Credit Cards and Paypal to purchase our products.

Your initial account will be set up to only be able to use PayPal to pay for your orders. You may use PayPal to pay for your orders instantly. When you place an order simply select "PayPal" from the payment option. When you check out, you will automatically be taken to PayPal's website to finalize the transaction. Once we receive the order and the payment through PayPal we will ship the product. Click Here To Sign Up With PayPal! - Click Here To Set Up A Drop Ship Account.

Credit Cards & Purchase Orders (place on existing account)
In order to use this option, we require a credit card on file. If you prefer to use your credit card, we require that a Credit Card Authorization Form be filled out completed and faxed or emailed back to us. Once we receive the Authorization Form, we will switch your account over to allow you to place your orders by Purchase Order which will allow you to place orders without having to provide your credit card info. Here is the Credit Card Authorization Form ("just right click on link and select "Save Target As") if you would like to fax it to us ahead of time. (Please note your credit card will not be charged when the order is submitted, we manually charge credit card orders about once every week to two weeks).

Can't Log In?
A. Please use your email address and your password you used to create your account..

Do you charge a membership fee or drop ship fee?
A. No drop ship fee, but there is a $35 one time fee to set up your account.

Is there an order minimum?
A. No minimum.

What is the cost of the products?
A. Once your account is approved and upgraded to our discount level you will be able to see your price in "RED" and if you click on the product you will see three prices, Retail Price, Your Savings and Your Price. (Please note, if when you click on any product for more details and you do not see the three prices as shown below then your account has not been fully approved and you are only looking at our retail price).

Here Is An Example Of Drop Ship Prices
Retail Price:
Your Savings:
Your Price: $46.50

Your price is what we will charge you for the product, the retail price is what the average website is selling this product for. Based on our experience this price is very competitive, however don't think you have to have the lowest price to make money, the way to make money is to have a lot of traffic to your site.

Do you have a product feed?
A. Since we have implemented our Pre-Loaded websites, we have changed the way we provide products feeds and file. Going forward, if you would like a product feed emailed to you, please contact us and we will email you the files we have available. Please note that the our image file is only available is a ZIP file. Click Here For More Info On Our Pre-Loaded Sites

Do i need a website to Join?
A. Yes, you need your own website to join. You can also use your Ebay Store, Amazon Store, Email, Etc.

Can i get my own website?
A. Now Available Pre-Loaded Websites. We will create your very own professional ecommerce website that is preloaded with all our products and categories. These preloaded sites offer a simple solution to getting a Ready-To-Go website saving you time and effort so you can be selling in no time. Click Here For More Info On Our Pre-Loaded Sites

A. You can list our products on any auction site as long as they are listed in a "BUY IT NOW" format. You may not list any of our products on any auction sites that are being sold and priced as an "AUCTION ITEM". We will only allow "Buy It Now" format.

What are the shipping charges?
A. At the bottom of each product description you will see a weight amount. We use this weight form our Click here for our shipping chart to calculate your shipping cots for that item. Multiple item, we add the weights together and use the same chart. Please note we now offer Shipping Insurance as an option. See our shipping chart for more info.

What countries do you ship to?
A. We ship all items in the US and smaller item to Canada and overseas. For orders going overseas or larger items, please contact us for shipping prices. Click here for our shipping chart.

Do you ship to APO or FPO address?
A. Yes we ship to APO or FPO address. APO and FPO address are military addresses used to ship overseas. Please note that there is an additional flat fee of $5 per order and $0.25 per pound of item weight. This fee covers the extra hand labor involved with shipping this item and manually bringing it to the post office. It also covers the insurance for the item. Please note this charge will not show up on your order, but it will be charged manually.

Where are the products shipped from?
A. Most of our products ship directly from our Cary, NC. warehouse.

Are there any invoices sent with the orders?
A. No. We do not include any invoices with the orders with the exception of a packing slip with the customers name and product info.

What does your return label say?
A. Our return label says "Returns Department" with our return address.

Do you offer a return policy?
A. Yes we offer a return policy and we take care of all the returns. Click here for our return policy.

Do you charge tax?
A. Yes, we charge 7.5% sales tax to all orders shipped to North Carolina.

When do you process and ship orders?
A. All orders are processed first thing in the morning with a cutoff time of 11:00 am Eastern Time for the in stock order to be shipped out the same day. Orders received after 11:00 will be shipped the following business day.

Do you send out tracking info?
A. Yes. All tracking info is sent out by 5:00pm Eastern Time via email.

Can i copy and use your images, text and description?
A. Yes you are allowed to use all our images, text and description, however we do not recommend it when it comes to search engines. Search engines do not like to see text copied or duplicated, they like to see unique contact. You can always take our text and add your own wording to it this way it will not seem like it's copied to the search engines.

Do you offer an Affiliate Program?
A. Aside from our drop ship program, we also offer an affiliate program through our sister site Your are invited to join our affiliate program and start earning 10% commission on sales generating from your website. Click Here For More Info

How long have you had a drop ship program?
A. We been enjoying our drop ship program for over 3 years and growing every month. The key to our success has been a niche product selection and the fastest shipping department in any drop shipping company.

How do i know you are a legitimate company?
A. We have been in business since 2001. If you require any proof of our legitimacy, please contact us and we will provide you with that information.

What if my questions is not listed?
A. No problem. Simply contact us with any questions you may have. Click here to contact us.


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