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Water Defender Water System

Part Number WD
Water Defender Water System
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Water Defender Water Conditioner
Water Defender offers a Green solution to the day-to-day water problems.
Imagine having water that works for you .

Water Defender the Green alternative to conditioning hard water. The Water Defender does what your water softener can do but WITHOUT sodium ions. Clean water minus the salt! The Water Defender is an environmentally friendly device which requires no maintenance, no salt, no chemicals, and no filters! Scale build up is damaging to skin and hair, and reduces life span on plumbing fixtures, appliances and water heaters. The Water Defender is a maintenance free water treatment system that will prevent the formation of scale, remove existing scale, and reduce maintenance while saving you money!

Did you know that there could be calcium carbonate deposits in your water softener? You save by not wasting water and electricity. Salt-based systems can waste 200 gallons of water when regenerating. The Water Defender will help you save money and energy! Scale is a coating or precipitate deposited on surfaces that are in contact with hard water. The most common form of scale is calcium carbonate. When hard water is heated and evaporation takes place, the problems are increased tremendously. Scale can be found inside hot water pipes, inside water heaters, on shower and bath surfaces, around faucets, water fixtures, humidifiers, and around appliances.


• Descale without taking a pipe apart
• Eliminates use of water softeners and chemicals
• Non-Invasive - No contact with water
• Requires no plumbing
• Noiseless
• Solid state circuitry
• Maintenance free - 20 year design life components
• Low energy usage - typically costs less than $5.00 per year to operate
• Money Back satisfaction guaranty
•Treated Water feels silky smooth
•Removes existing scale
•Set it and forget it operation
•Easy to install
•Reduces detergent use
•Removes existing scale in 90 days

Available In Two Sizes
. #107
    Pipe size up to 1 1/4 inch non-ferrous
    Output power 87 milliamps nominal
    Enclosure size 4 ½ x 3 ½ x 2 1/8
2. #500
    Pipe size up to 2 ½ inch non-ferrous
    Output power 500 milliamps nominal
    Enclosure size 5 5/8 x 8 ¾ x 2 1/8

The water defender is an electronic device that produces a low frequency signal which causes calcium carbonate to break down in solution. It reduces the hardness of water. So, how does a water softener in the average household work? Calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced with sodium ions. Sodium ions are essential to good, soft water; however, in order for a water softener to convert hard water into soft water, an ion replacement needs to take place. Water runs through a chemical matrix called zeolite. This matrix consists of little plastic beads covered in sodium ions. The sodium ions switch places with the calcium and magnesium ions, as the water flows through the matrix, converting the hard water into soft water. Unfortunately, as this process ends, the little plastic beads which once contained sodium ions will eventually contain only calcium and magnesium. This is the point at which the water softener must regenerate the beads and start the process all over, once again converting hard water into soft water.

The average homeowner will save a percentage of their hot water heating cost due to the removal of scale build up using the Water Defender. Water will clean better, soap will lather better, and hair will feel cleaner. Scale can form on the inside of pipes, water heaters, and kitchen appliances by way of hard water. The most common form of scale found in residential areas is calcium carbonate. Calcium doesn’t conduct heat well which can reduce water flow, and calcium deposits also destroy your home appliances. With scale build up in your water lines and water heater, you are creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Some counties in the United States have made salt-based water softeners illegal due to the environmental damages caused by these units. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium which causes many problems. Scale accumulates in the pipelines which causes water flow restrictions. These restrictions reduce the water pressure which can lead to lower efficiency and can cause heating elements to work harder. Thus requiring more energy! Water softeners not only add unwanted chemicals to your water supply, but remove the healthy nutrients from your water.

The Water Defender product includes two principal components: (1) a control unit containing a microprocessor that sends out a square-wave current that rapidly sweeps back and forth across a broad range of select frequencies; and (2) signal coils that carry this current and that wrap multiple times around an incoming water pipeline. This arrangement induces an electromagnetic field perpendicular to the water stream inside the pipeline. Because of the rapid back-and-forth sweep of the current—from one end of the frequency range to the other—the induced field is highly dynamic and agitating in character.

This molecular-level agitation causes calcium carbonate to precipitate out of solution as soft, nonadhesive, submicron particles. These remain suspended in the water and flow harmlessly through the system. In this way the product prevents formation of the tenaciously adhesive crystal that would otherwise progressively deposit on surfaces and foul equipment, especially heat-process equipment.

Removal of already-existing scale comes as the necessary byproduct of this scale-prevention process. The radical reduction in calcium hardness yields a corresponding increase in water solvency. This flow of highly solvent water then steadily removes already-existing scales—not only of calcium carbonate, but also of magnesium carbonate and other scale-forming minerals. Once already-existing scales are removed, the prevention process stops any further buildup.

Water Defender produces an oscillating electric field in the water pipe that changes continuously in frequency and direction. This changes the property of the hardness minerals so they stay in solution. The calcium looses its ability to adhere or stick to whatever it would come in contact with would be a simply way of putting it.

Lime scale build-up, is caused by calcium in hard water, it is one of the largest problems that homeowners and industry face today. As water flows through your system, it forms in pipes, faucets, hot water tanks and, most critically, heat exchangers. When scale builds up in heat exchangers or hot water tanks it causes a reduction in heat transfer, reducing efficiencies and preventing machines from operating at full capacity (note: a scale build-up of only 1/16” of an inch can reduce heat transfer by almost 20%). In addition to reducing heat transfer, extensive maintenance is usually required to remove scale build up, which translates into mechanical breakdown of hot water tanks, pumps and faucets any thing that comes into contact with this hard water. Many homeowners and industry leaders have tried chemicals, water softeners, or ion exchange units, but these methods are too costly for continuous use and they only reduce scale, not eliminate it.

Specs for the two units available:

Pipe size up to 1 1/4 inch non-ferrous
Output power 87 milliamps nominal
Enclosure size 4 ½ x 3 ½ x 2 1/8

Pipe size up to 2 ½ inch non-ferrous
Output power 500 milliamps nominal
Enclosure size 5 5/8 x 8 ¾ x 2 1/8

All enclosures are polycarbonate material NEMA 4 rated

Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.

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